Meet The Weavers

Ngurunit Basket Weavers are proud of their baskets and the quality weave and details that make each basket a treasure. Each of our 270 weavers weaves at her own pace and in her own manner. The basket weaving group’s location is very remote, so conveying order requirements & specifications to the group will take a bit of time as there are no good roads to Ngurunit, no phones, no electricity, and no internet. Once an order has been placed, the information will be conveyed to the group and production will begin.

Please allow 1-2 weeks lead time for this process. Production time will vary based on the number of baskets required for the order, any special customization, and the skill level required to create for each basket design requested. In this catalog, we have noted the skill level needed to make the piece. Th higher the skill level, the more time it will take to make as the basket style may be known to fewer weavers or the piece is more complicated and therefore more expensive. To maintain basket structural integrity, only freshly harvested leaves are used. Leaves must therefore be harvested for each order when the order is placed. The time needed to harvest will be based on the number of baskets requested.

Ngurunit Basket Weavers Group is located about 2 days away from the capital city of Nairobi which is home to the closest international airport. The nearest sea port, Mombasa, is on the opposite side of the country. Please contact us for details, timeframes, required logistics, and pricing for international orders. Don’t worry, we ship around the world, so we can help you with your specific needs.

Basket weaving is truly an art form, and as such, each basket may differ from its picture. Our group has been making baskets as a group for over 10 years, and individually, for much longer. Basket weaving is a way of life. Weavers will have different skill levels and this may effect the production time as well as the final look of the basket. We take great pains to ensure the basket meets the size and design specifications listed in this catalog. However, sizes may vary slightly due to the nature of the coiled weaving process the weavers use.

Additionally, Doum palm leaves vary in color, so the color of your basket may vary from the picture shown for that item. Again, all these differences make for a truly unique and one of a kind basket.