How to Buy

A Bit of Perspective

Once an order has been placed, the entire weaving group is mobilized and given the opportunity to participate in the order production. Weavers will sign up to participate in the order, and they will agree to meet every week in small groups until the order is complete to the client’s specifications. Each weaver is assigned into a small group: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday groups. The purposes of small groups are many: to enable faster mobilization, to ensure better, more consistent quality, to identify production problems faster, to offer more intimate training, and to provide better educational opportunities. Each weaver will meet each week on her group day until the order is complete.

Additionally, each small group is overseen by two master weavers. These master weavers were chosen by the small group membership based on their high level of weaving experience and their ability to teach others. These master weavers act like production managers and are responsible for teaching the women in the small group how to make the piece to specification. The master weavers solve problems, oversee quality, teach others how to make new shapes and sizes, and more importantly, empower the group and themselves through the application of leadership and business principles.

Usually, each weaver receives 50% of the money owed to her when she turns in an accepted basket. She will receive the balance once the group ships the complete order to the client. Each group member weaves at her own pace, so each woman may weave from 1 to 3 baskets each week (depending on the complexity & the size of the required basket). Output also depends on other factors  such as environmental challenges like drought and/or health issues of the community like  malaria outbreaks.

Ngurunit is a very isolated village in a semi arid climate. Crops are not grown due to very harsh conditions, and access to and from the village is very difficult. Food and commodity prices fluctuate greatly due to the isolated natural of the village, the lack of roads to and from the village, and environmental challenges. Most people live on less than $1.00 per day. The weaving group is one of the largest sources of income for women in Ngurunit. One basket priced at about $5.30 will provide a family of 4 enough food and necessities for a few days.

Please note that we will always try to give our clients the best value, but many uncontrollable factors may lessen our ability to be flexible on price. We will then rely on our unique and beautiful weave and our talented weavers to prove the value of our products.