Basket Love


Hold your basket.

Feel the texture, the intricate weave, and observe the superior attention to detail.Our baskets are untreated and free from paint, chemicals, varnishes, dyes, or any other artificial substances. Additionally, your basket has not been treated using our traditional curing method, so it is not waterproof. Contact with water or other liquids could cause discoloration of your basket, so don’t go collecting your own milk!

Clean your basket.

Gently wipe down your basket from time to time with a dry or slightly damp cloth to remove dust or debris.

Savor the details and uniqueness of your basket.

All our baskets are woven using the unusual and unique inverted chevron split stitch created by our people untold ages ago. The stitch is both beautiful and durable. Some baskets have raised sisal detailing. Weavers may add beads, shells, metal, or other items such as camel leather or seeds to finish their masterpiece. All these details make your basket truly and completely unique.

Breathe in the fresh & natural aroma of your basket.

It will smell of fresh Doum Palm leaves, which is quite pleasant. Also, because we have no electricity in Ngurunit, our members may be weaving baskets next to their cooking fires. Some baskets may then have a slightly “smokey” fragrance that will disappear with time. Top notes of acacia, rosewood, or cedar might be observed.

Get creative with your basket.

Your basket may also absorb aromas from whatever you choose to store in it. Add dry potpourri or dry citrus fruit peels to create a complex natural perfume that will add a fresh enticing scent to any room. Use your basket as a stunning decorative piece of art or as a functional element for any room or office. Local safari lodges repurpose our baskets as light shades.

Know your basket, its journey, and it creator.

Your basket truly has a compelling story. Check back here often to find out more about our group, our weavers, Ngurunit, Kenya, and specific information about your basket’s journey into creation. Tell everyone you know about us and encourage them to visit our website and buy their own Nomadic Basket!