Camel Milk

June 28th, 2011 by admin

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Our camel milking basket was the original basket design used to began our weaving group. This particular style of basket has been woven for hundreds of years as a functional tool to collect camel milk. The original method calls for the woven basket to be rubbed with colostrum once to seal the basket and then smoked before each milk collection. This process along with the unique tight weave of the basket made the finished product waterproof and the milk free from harmful bacteria. We present these baskets in their untreated form. Our offerings hold true to the original design, being oversized in depth and width, and having a unique cone shaped bottom. This is a special order only and we guarantee that each piece is one of a kind, and will be our best quality. Each basket will include a weaver profile, information about the history of the basket, and a unique identifying number. All baskets made from natural Doum Palm.

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