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Thank you for your interest in Nomadic Baskets and the Kenyan basket weavers that are working hard to save this endangered art form. Nomadic Baskets is the brand name for Ngurunit Basket Weavers Group – our group of Rendille and Samburu pastoralist women located in and around the village of Ngurunit, located in Samburu County of Northern Kenya.

For many years, the Rendille & Samburu tribes of Northern Kenya have been weaving baskets for the purposes of collecting camel milk and storing food. Baskets created for milk collection were rubbed with colostrum once to provide the crucial waterproofing element, then before each subsequent milk collection, the basket was smoked to kill harmful bacteria. This treating process coupled with the tight, extremely detailed weave of the basket provided the perfect tool for collecting camel milk.

Today, we use the same quality weaving process to continue to produce extremely durable, extremely beautiful, functional & decorative works of art that we hope you will cherish for a lifetime. The baskets we offer are untreated but are the same as the traditional baskets in weave and materials. Now, we are creating modern interpretations of our traditional designs, and we are actively engaging our members to create new basket designs, new adornments, and new methods to improve our baskets even more. Basket weaving is one of our main sources of income and serves as a means to teach weaving to future generations so that we preserve an important cultural art form for our people

Our group subscribes to fair trade principles, practices, and guidelines. Weavers receive over 70% of each base level basket sale, and the remaining 30% pays for group operating expenses. The group provides education & training to weavers, provides a common workspace for the use of members, and promotes equality and empowerment. We are actively working to ensure our Doum Palm leaf harvesting methods are environmentally sustainable, and we work with other groups to share with them our fair trade philosophy.

Our collections run a full spectrum of artful design-from simple and unconstructed to adorned and detailed. The underlying element that binds them all together is our distinct unique, tight weave that produces a finished basket of unparalleled durability and beauty.

We offer four main collections for your pleasure. The Rendille Collection; a simple collection of pieces unadorned and focused on the beauty of our weave, The Samburu Collection; a highly decorated collection that fuses unique basket design with artful modern design elements,The Ngurunit Collection; a stylized collection of pieces that change with the seasons, and the Camel Milking Collection; baskets that pay homage to our people – people that have been making these durable and functional basket styles for eons.


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